Lisbon Airport Terminal 2


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Lisbon Airport Terminal 2

Lisbon is a small city, with only one airport serving the city (called Portela). The Lisbon International Airport is located 20min from the city center, and has only two terminals. Pretty much easy to learn.

The two terminals of the Lisbon Airport are:
1) Terminal 1
2) Terminal 2


The Terminal 2 at Lisbon International Airport provides only departures, and not arrivals. It’s often allocated to low-cost airlines, with basic service needs and not heavy infrastructure. It’s a really small terminal in fact comparing to other major international airports I’ve seen. Enclosed you can see the map.

Important Information:
1) Terminal 2 will keep on being a departures-only terminal, with no parking available;
2) There’s a shuttle service from lisbon downtown, starting from Cais do Sodre Train Station, ending in Terminal 2. This shuttle service it’s called the Aerobus.
3) There is also a free shuttle service operated by the airport connecting Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, in case you reach the main terminal for any reason. Although the terminals are not far from each other, there is no walking connection between both terminal, and therefore walking is not recommended. The shuttle departs every 10 minutes.

There are only 5 Airlines operating from Terminal 2:
1) Easyjet
2) Transavia
3) Norwegian
4) Ryanair
5) Wizz Air

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Lisbon Airport Terminal 2


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