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Lisbon Airport – Lost & Found Items


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On May 25, 2019
Last modified:May 25, 2019


Lisbon Airport - Lost & Found Items


Loosing something at an airport when traveling might be one of the worse thing it can happen anyone.
Additionally, having trouble finding a solution, might be even worse!
I know how it feel to loose an object on your trip, and desperate without finding a solution.

Regarding Lost and Found objects at Lisbon Airport, there are multiple websites showing incorrect or incomplete information. Mostly old/outdated or wrong.
I receive every week help requests from travelers all over the world, asking for assistance with lost items in Lisbon.
This way, after an exhaustive research, I have complied here in May 2019, a full, reliable solution for all travelers.


1) Lost Items inside any flight, or left at the luggage belts
There is a specific number to call. The items lost on this places, are kept with GroundForce.
Telephone: (+351) 21.843.1183

2) Lost items anywhere in the airport (seats, bathrooms, restaurants, etc)
You should call the police department (PSP), at +351.21.844.45.30

3) Lost items at Executive Lounges or refused at X-RAY security/checkpoints
You should call the customs department at: +351.21.840.80.75

Hope this information can help.
Questions, email me.

Lisbon Airport - Lost & Found Items


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Lisbon Airport – Lost & Found Items
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