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5 Best Hotels in The Douro Valley (2023)


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I’ve been traveling across the country for over 40 years, exploring what we have best to offer.
Douro Valley was quite unknown in the past for tourists, but today si one of the most popular places, specially for wine lovers: it is here in the Douro Valley that is produced the famous PORT WINE. The wine, to be called “port”, must be produced here. It is considered the oldest demarked wine region in the world.

Although today the Douro Valley is very famous internationally, it is still quite an unspoiled place in Portugal: massive tourism has bot yet arrived and hotel offers are reduced. There are no huge hotel chains yet in the Douro, and those existing are nestled in the river/vineyard landscape.

Here is my list of The 5 Best Hotels in The Douro Valley (2023):

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