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Tipping in Portugal: What Should I Do? Best Recommendations


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On June 1, 2017
Last modified:November 24, 2017


This article shows how tipping works in Portugal and best recommendations for each visitor.

The inquiries regarding tipping guides and restaurant staff in Spain and Portugal far surpass some other inquiries explorers have. With reason. In the US tipping is both required and saw as a reflection on the service. In Spain and Portugal the matter is seen in an unexpected way. In numerous restaurants an service charge is incorporated in the bill, and tips, while acknowledged, are not anticipated. Furthermore tips, when offered, have a tendency to be 5 to 10%, and 10% just in restaurants where the service has included a lot of plate and glass evolving. In a bistro or tapas bar ordinarily just a couple of coins (under 1€) are cleared out. Tipping private guides is discretionary and in view of your fulfillment with the managing service. Hotel staff can be tipped an Euro or two for porterage and concierge services.


Here’s a short manual for tipping in Portugal.

1) Restaurants

Tipping 5% – 10% most extreme in restaurants is standard, albeit tipping is just done on the off chance that you are content with the service. No tip is normal for some espresso or a beverage, albeit some individuals will leave the change gathering together from the closest Euro. For tapas or a sandwich in a bar, the change from the closest Euro is sufficient. For abnormal state or Michelin star restaurants, a 5 to 10% tip is standard. In the event that you pay with charge card it is desirable over leave a money tip on the grounds that the hold up staff regularly does not get the tips left on Mastercards.


2) Tour Guides

For a half or full day, anyplace somewhere around between 10 and 40€ is typical. For multi-day tours provided, 20 to 100€ or more is basic when you feel extremely fulfilled by the service gave. Tipping aides is noncompulsory and at your discretion.

3) Drivers

Likewise with the aides, it relies on upon how long the driver has been with the gathering. 2 to 5€ every individual every day is proper.

4) Hotel Staff

For help with gear: €1 every bag is standard. Concierge services or room benefit: 1 – 2€. Servant Service: 1€ every day.

5) Taxis

Tips to cab drivers are not expected, at the maximum if you enjoyed the drive you can roundup the exchange.


This article shows how tipping works in Portugal and best recommendations for each visitor.


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