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Exploring Kosher Food in Lisbon: Challenges and Recommendations


Navigating Kosher Food in Lisbon: Challenges and Practical Solutions


Lisbon, Portugal’s historic capital, is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. However, for those seeking kosher food, the experience can be challenging. The Jewish community in Lisbon is relatively small, and as a result, kosher food options are not as prevalent as in other European cities. Despite these challenges, there are still some reliable sources for kosher food in Lisbon, including specialized supermarkets and dedicated services like Chabad House in Cascais.

The Scarcity of Kosher Food in Lisbon

The limited size of Lisbon’s Jewish community directly impacts the availability of kosher food. Unlike cities with larger Jewish populations, where kosher options might be readily available in numerous restaurants and stores, Lisbon offers a more limited selection. This scarcity often means that finding kosher food requires more effort and planning.

Supermarkets Offering Kosher Products

Despite the challenges, some supermarkets in Lisbon have responded to the needs of those seeking kosher products. These include:

  1. El Corte Inglés: This department store features a supermarket section with a range of kosher products. Although the selection is somewhat limited, it is a dependable place for essential kosher items.
  2. Portuel Supermarket: A significant addition to Lisbon’s kosher scene is Portuel Supermarket, which is exclusively dedicated to kosher food. This supermarket is a game-changer for the local and visiting Jewish community, offering a wide variety of kosher products that cater to all dietary needs.

Chabad House Cascais: A Vital Resource

The Chabad House in Cascais, a short distance from Lisbon, is an invaluable resource for kosher food. They offer a range of services, including the provision of prepared kosher meals, which can be ordered and delivered.

  • Services Offered: Chabad House Cascais is not just about food; it’s a community hub offering Shabbat meals, holiday services, and a sense of community. Their food service is particularly valuable for those seeking kosher meals without the hassle of preparation.
  • Ordering and Delivery: To learn more about their meal services, including how to order and the delivery options available, visit Chabad House Cascais. They can accommodate individual needs as well as larger group requests.

Magali Rebibo / Private Chef & Caterer (Kosher)

Magali offers kosher catering services tailored for tourists visiting Lisbon. As a culinary service provider, she offers a range of packages designed to suit various types of stays, whether it’s a quick weekend getaway, a short break, or an extended vacation in Lisbon. Her offerings are carefully crafted to provide a memorable culinary experience while strictly adhering to kosher laws.


While Lisbon presents certain challenges when it comes to finding kosher food, the city also offers practical solutions. Through a combination of specialized supermarkets like Portuel and the supportive services of Chabad House Cascais, maintaining a kosher diet in Lisbon is achievable. These resources ensure that both residents and visitors can enjoy the city’s many offerings while adhering to kosher dietary laws, making a stay in Lisbon both enjoyable and stress-free.


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