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10 Reasons Why Americans Are Visiting Lisbon in 2020


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On November 13, 2017
Last modified:June 24, 2021


10 Reasons Why Americans Are Visiting Lisbon in 2018


Lisbon is one of the best places in Europe to visit in 2018, and Americans have been elected the Capital of Portugal as one of the places not to be missed in 2020. There are more than one thousand reasons why people are choosing Lisbon to be visited in 2018, and here are just the top 10 Reasons for any American to Visit Lisbon:

1) Weather – Definitely Lisbon has the best weather in Europe. More than 300 days of sunshine per year, little rain in the winter and no snow or freezing temperatures in the winter, makes Lisbon a perfect place to visit on any time of the year.

2) Food – Portugal is a country proud for it’s gastronomy, part of our own culture. The best food you will find in Europe, its here! A lunch for $10 and pastry shops on every corner? That’s Lisbon!

3) Affordable – Lisbon is an extremely affordable city. A Luxury five star hotel in central Lisbon for $200/night? A taxi ride for $10 ? Dinner with wine for $20 ? Admissions to museums average $6 ? This is Lisbon!

4) Distance – It’s the closest country in Europe for any American to travel. Daily flights from major cities in US such as New York, Boston, Miami, Washington, etc, makes Lisbon very accessible.

5) Coffee – The best Expresso Coffee in the world, together with the Italian coffee, and something less than $1

6) Culture – A country with 870 years of history as an independent nation, land of kings and queens, history of sailors and conquerors, the pioneers of the discoveries period and the globalization in the fourteenth and fifteenth hundreds.

7) Hospitality – Portuguese people know how to welcome foreigners. That is on our DNA, for over centuries with our former colonies, spread all over the world. Everyone normally feels very welcome in Lisbon by the Portuguese.

8) Safety – Portugal is one of the safest countries in the world, and Lisbon is extremely safe and secure, almost no major crime and very comfortable to travel.

9) Language – A concern for any American is the language. Did you know that almost everyone speaks English, that is taught in school and learnt by everyone, as their second language?

10) Still not overcrowded – Everybody hates the crowds when traveling. Portugal is still a very unknown and unpopular country for the crowds, and it is still possible to visit Lisbon and Portugal, away of the massive crowds on other major European capitals.


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10 Reasons Why Americans Are Visiting Lisbon in 2018

10 Reasons Why Americans Are Visiting Lisbon in 2020
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