5 Tested Tips For Visiting Lisbon

1- Pasteis de Belem

Pasteis de Belem is the most famous pastry shop in Portugal. Located in Lisbon (Belem), it sells the famous original custard tart, in the original shop built in 1837.
They sell daily between 20 to 30 thousand pastries per day on this shop.
Tip: If there’s a big line outside, just get inside. They have 400 seats inside for your comfort.

2- Tram 28

Tram 28 is one of the most popular attractions in Lisbon. It’s beautiful to see the old trams circulating around the city on it’s old rails.
Although, the Tram 28 is often considered a tourist trap. It’s usually packed inside, and full of pickpockets.
Tip: If you really wish to get a ride, get there early before the crowds and the pickpockets. Or instead, take the red tram hills cable car. It’s only for tourists and no pickpockets inside. More expensive, but harass free.

3- Taxis

Taxis in Lisbon are quite cheap. A taxi ride inside the city is usually between 5 to 7 euro, for a standard ride.
Like other popular destinations, people can get cheated on this kind of rides.
Tip: Pay only what gives the meter and nothing more. Make sure the meter is on. If you have a preferred route, please warn the driver.

4- Money / Cash Withrawals / Credit Cards

Currency in Portugal is the Euro. ATM machines are plenty and located on every corner. They usually only provide withrawals of 200EUR, for a limit of 400EUR unless you have any other agreement with your bank.
Credit cards are widely accepted, for payments over 5Euro, using visa and mastercard.
Tip: Bring some cash with you, to use in case of any emergency (card stolen, broken, lost) and to pay small bills. Pay remaining bills with your card or make one or two cash withdrawals after arriving.

5- Tipping

Tipping in Portugal is not mandatory. Bills never include tipping and it’s just discretional, meaning that you can always tip for a great service or wonderful meal, the amount you wish to. Portuguese usually round up the bill. A 45EURO restaurant bill could be rounded up to 50EUR for a great service and meal.
Tip: Providing some tipping to your waiter, doorman, taxi driver, or other, will make yourself recognized as a top customer, and if you are returning, you will be recognized and often rewarded with your waiter attention.








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