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3 Best Day Trips From Lisbon


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On December 29, 2017
Last modified:November 6, 2019


This article is about the Top 3 Best Day Tours from Lisbon, which are the following: Sintra, Fatima and Obidos, and Evora/Monsaraz.

Lisbon is a vibrating city, with lots of historical places to visit. The country, Portugal, is one of the oldest in Europe, with more than 800 years of history and many places to see around Lisbon.

Here are the TOP 3 Best Day Trips from Lisbon:

1- Sintra / Cabo da Roca / Cascais

This is one of the most popular day tours from Lisbon. This covers one of the most beautiful villages in Europe, Sintra. Former summer residence of the Portuguese kings, it’s a fairytale village full of castles and palaces, close by the ocean on the mountain. Also visits Cabo da Roca, the European Westernmost Point and the fisherman village of Cascais.
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2- Fatima / Nazare / Obidos

This is one probably the second most popular day tour from Lisbon. On this tour you will visit Fatima Sanctuary, one of the most important catholic santuaries in the world, where the apparitions happened in 1917. There will be a stop for lunch at Nazare (famous for the biggest wave in the world – 100feet) and ends in Obidos Medieval Village and Castle before returning to Lisbon.
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3- Evora / Monsaraz

This is also a very popular day trip from Lisbon, exploring the area of Alentejo, just 1h from Lisbon, considered the best wine region in the world by UsaToday/Best10. There will be a visit to the old village of Evora, famous for the roman temple, following by a visit to Monsaraz and it’s famous castle, allowing time for lunch. The tour will end, before return to Lisbon, with a great wine tasting at one of the most famous wine cellars in Portugal.
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This article is about the Top 3 Best Day Tours from Lisbon, which are the following: Sintra, Fatima and Obidos, and Evora/Monsaraz.


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