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Day Trip to Sintra By Gonzalo


Visit Sintra can be challenging this year.
I was born in Sintra 41 years ago. Sintra was my playground: the castles and palaces. I remember how it was before Sintra was popular, much before became under UNESCO, as World Heritage.

Things have changed. Much more traffic restrictions, some road closures to personal cars, and more limited availability for each attraction.
It is necessary to plan in advance, and make sure we always avoid the crowds.

I have been doing tours of Sintra most of my life. The palaces and castles are my passion.
If you wish to visit Sintra, Drop-me a message clicking here .
I will help you plan the visit there in detail, with me, or someone from my team.

Private transportation and a private guide will be definitely necessary. Do not rely on public transportation: They are usually packed, and may ruin your visit. Places to visit that I recommend:

  • Pena National Palace
  • Regaleira Palace and Gardens
  • Monserrate (if you have time)
  • Capuchos Convent (if you like nature)
  • Cabo da Roca (European Most Western Point)
  • If you have time, a quick stop in Cascais on the way back to Lisbon.

This is normally the tour I recommend for anyone visiting Sintra:
Link here:

But if you are adventurous and like to walk (up and down, explore, etc), then the Mystic Sintra can also be an option for you:
Link Here:










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