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Earning Michelin Stars: Chef Avillez’s Culinary Triumph in Lisbon


A Gastronomic Journey through Chef Avillez’s Renowned Restaurant Projects in Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal’s sun-kissed capital, is a treasure trove of culinary delights. The city’s gastronomic scene has been significantly influenced by the innovative and creative genius of Chef José Avillez. A two-Michelin-starred chef, Avillez has revolutionized Portuguese cuisine with his unique blend of tradition and innovation. This article takes you on a journey through some of Chef Avillez’s most renowned restaurant projects in Lisbon, offering an insight into their unique offerings, average pricing, and how to reach them.

1. Belcanto

Belcanto ( is Chef Avillez’s flagship restaurant and the proud recipient of two Michelin stars. Nestled in the historic district of Chiado, Belcanto offers an exquisite dining experience that combines traditional Portuguese flavors with Avillez’s innovative culinary techniques. The restaurant’s elegant interior, adorned with contemporary art pieces, sets the stage for a memorable gastronomic journey. The average price for a meal at Belcanto is around €125-€195 per person without drinks.

2. Mini Bar

Mini Bar ( is Avillez’s first gourmet bar in Lisbon. Located in the São Luiz Theatre, Mini Bar offers an avant-garde culinary experience where nothing is what it seems. From the “Caipirinha” that you can eat to the “Ferrero Rocher” that’s not what it appears to be, Mini Bar challenges your perceptions of traditional cuisine. The average price for a meal at Mini Bar is around €30-€50 per person without drinks.

3. Cantinho do Avillez

Cantinho do Avillez (, with locations in both Chiado and Parque das Nações, is a cozy and welcoming space that serves genuine Portuguese cuisine with a contemporary twist. The menu features a variety of dishes, from seafood rice to hazelnut3, all prepared with Avillez’s signature flair. The average price for a meal at Cantinho do Avillez is around €30-€50 per person without drinks.

4. Pizzaria Lisboa

Pizzaria Lisboa ( is Chef Avillez’s tribute to one of the world’s most beloved foods – pizza. Here, you can enjoy a variety of delicious pizzas, pastas, and risottos, all prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients. The restaurant’s warm and casual atmosphere makes it a perfect place for a relaxed meal. The average price for a meal at Pizzaria Lisboa is around €15-€25 per person without drinks.

5. Bairro do Avillez

Bairro do Avillez ( is a unique gastronomic destination that houses different culinary concepts under one roof. From a traditional tavern to a gourmet grocery store, Bairro do Avillez offers a diverse range of dining experiences. The average price for a meal here varies depending on the concept you choose, but it generally ranges from €20-€50 per person without drinks.


Exploring Chef Avillez’s renowned restaurant projects in Lisbon offers not just a taste of his innovative cuisine but also an insight into his passion for Portuguese culinary traditions. Each restaurant tells a unique story, offering an unforgettable gastronomic journey through the creative genius of one of Portugal’s most celebrated chefs.

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