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Hiking Tours in Sintra


Sintra is one of the most spectacular places in Portugal: A fairytale land of Castles and Palaces, in the middle of the forest, under UNESCO since 1995. It means also that is one of the most popular places in Portugal: it gets extremely busy during the day, and the most famous attractions are normally busy. There’s a lot to see and visit in Sintra, and normally I recommend spending a couple of days for a relaxed visit.

Many visitors often ask me about Hiking Tours in Sintra, combining the forest and one of the old castles.

I have written before about all the attractions, but never about hiking in Sintra. I’ve been hiking Sintra for more than 30 years, and I love it 🙂

Please check here for this hiking tour option, combining a hike up the hill towards the Moorish Castle, for a half-day duration, with approximately 3 miles in length (difficulty level is high).

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