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Jewish Lisbon Synagogue Sharee Tikva

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Lisbon Synagogue Share Tikva - Learn more about the only Synagogue of Lisbon

The Lisbon Synagogue, called Shaaré Tikvah (Gates of Hope) is a chronicled synagogue in the city of Lisbon, in Portugal.

There have been Jews in Lisbon at any rate since the Middle Ages, however the group endured a significant blow in 1497, when a declaration by King Manuel I requested Jews either to change over to Christianity or to leave the nation. All synagogues of Lisbon were usurped by the King and given to Christian religious requests. For the Jews that changed over to Catholicism, called New Christians (cristãos novos), the foundation of the Portuguese Inquisition in 1536 implied a changeless peril of being aggrieved.

Inside of the Shaarei Tikva synagogue, from the beginning, where men pray. Ladies pray in the upper galleries.



The circumstances for Judaism in Portugal changed toward the start of the nineteenth century, when the Portuguese Inquisition was annulled and Sephardi Jews from Morocco and Gibraltar, generally traders, began to relocate to Lisbon and different parts of Portugal. Amid the entire nineteenth century, the little Lisbon Jewish group had no formal synagogue and needed to praise their religious ceremonies in private houses.

At last, in 1897 a commission was built with the mission of building a focal synagogue in Lisbon. The undertaking was endowed to the draftsman Miguel Ventura Terra, and the works started in 1902. The primary exterior of the synagogue confronts an internal yard, since Portuguese law at the time denied non-Catholic religious sanctuaries from confronting the road.


Introduced in 1904, the Lisbon Synagogue was the first synagogue to be built Portugal since the late fifteenth century. Ventura Terra considered a sanctuary in a style blending Neo-Byzantine and Neo-Romanesque, reliable with the Oriental design for Synagogue construction modeling.

In 2004, a function was held to commend the synagogue’s 100th commemoration. Portuguese President Jorge Sampaio and Israel’s Sephardi Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar were among the speakers.

Today due high level of security and threats, the Lisbon Synagogue only allows visits scheduled with previous appointment and authorization.

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Lisbon Synagogue Share Tikva - Learn more about the only Synagogue of Lisbon


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