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Restaurant Recommendations in Lisbon and Porto


It is always a challenge to find good restaurants when traveling. You can always go online and find reviews/tips/recommendations.
But choosing a restaurant is always a personal matter: what I like, you may like differently.

Below is a list of restaurant recommendations for both Lisbon and Porto.
You will find a mix of local typical restaurants, together with some other high-scale and Michelin restaurants as well.

This will make a good combination for you to sample different things whole here in Portugal.
This list below reflects my personal options, and some others with great feedback from past guests. There’s no affiliation with any of the restaurants below.

Lisbon Restaurants:

  1. Monte Mar Lisboa (Seafood Portuguese)
  2. Darwin’s Cafe (Signature Portuguese)
  3. Segundo Muelle (Peruvian)
  4. Fifty Seconds (Michelin Star)
  5. Boa-Bao (Asian Food)
  6. Sala de Corte (Steakhouse)

Porto Restaurants:

  1. Cafeína (Signature, Portuguese)
  2. Yeatman Gastronomic (Michelin Star)
  3. Taberna dos Mercadores (Typical Portuguese Style)
  4. Enoteca 15-56 (Wine Restuarant)
  5. Flow Restaurant (Portuguese / Mediterranium) 
  6. DOC (Signature Food, Douro Valley)
  7. Castas e pratos (Wine Resturant, Douro Valley)

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