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6 Cheapest Things To Do in Lisbon with 5 Euros

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Lisbon is an incredibly cheap city, with lots of stuff to do. London magazine “Evening Standard” has listed “10 reasons why you should visit Lisbon in 2016”, saying the Portuguese city of Lisbon is “The New Barcelona, but much better!”

There are multiple things you can do in Lisbon for less than 5 Euros. Here is a short list of 6 items, highlighting the best things to do in the city in a budget:

1) Santini Ice-Cream
The most popular ice cream in Portugal is now available in Lisbon. In Rua do Carmo (Chiado), you can get the best ice-cream in the country for just 2.50 Euro.
2) Roasted ChestNuts
From October to February, you will often see people selling roasted chestnuts on the street all through Lisbon. You can see they freshly cooking them on the street and selling in packages of 12 units (uma duzia). Grab one for 2.50 Euro and stroll around downtown while eating on the most popular things in Lisbon, loved by locals

3) Tram 28
A ride on the famous tram of Lisbon only costs 2.85 EUR. Take the most popular tram in Lisbon from Chiado to Alfama, and see it crossing the narrow roads, up and down through the hills of Lisbon. Go there early, avoid lines and pickpockets when it’s crowded.  Tram_28_Lisbon

4) Viewpoint of the Triumphal Arch (Rua Augusta / Praça Comercio)
The newest viewpoint of Lisbon just opened recently to visitors. It’s located straight in downtown, in the commerce square. See the amazing views from the top to the river and the beautiful Lisbon rooftops. It’s only 2.50 EUR to reach the top of the arch.

5) Santa Justa Elevator / Lift
The most famous elevator/lift of Lisbon is open for visitors and costs only 5EUR. It’s not cheap, comparing to other stuff you can do, but really worth a visit to the top. Tip for free: you can go around and reach the top the same way, and pay nothing, just will exercise your legs for 5min up the hill.

6) Taste the famous Belem custard tart
The famous Belem custart tart costs only 1,05EUR. So, you can get a box of 4 pastries, and still get change. Great deal hum? Don’t get the place wrong: the original one is located in Belem, closeby the Monastery.


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6 Cheapest Things To Do in Lisbon with 5 Euros
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