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4 Reasons to Visit Lisbon in the Winter

Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in Europe, from one of the ancient European Countries, Portugal.
Often people like to visit our country during summer period, but here are five reasons why you should visit Lisbon/Portugal in the winter:

  1. Great Weather: Unlike other European Countries, we have a mediterranean climate, which means reduced number of rainy days, no snow, no freezing temperatures, being yearly average between 55 and 65º F. In fact, Portugal is considered by many the warmest European Country, being a quite dry country.
  2. No Crowds: You should know what is to visit a places with crowds. Try visit Venice or Barcelona in July and August or Paris. Time wasted on lines, everything packed, extremely hot temperatures, and so on. The advantage to visit Lisbon in the winter is no crowds at all, places empty and easy access to everything, including attractions, parking ,etc


  4. Reduced prices: Everything is reduced in the winter, not only the crowds but also the prices. Hotels, tours, food, admission fees, airfares, etc. You will get the same vacation probably for half of the total price. Give it a try and you will see. You may be able to book your favorite 5 star centrally located hotel for same the price of the 3-star hotel far from the center in the summer.
  5. Better service everywhere: This is a result from point 2, no crowds. When you have an hotel with 50% less guests, the reception is empty, the waiters have more time for you, to provide better assistance. The restaurant staff have more time to serve you, the tour guides will have less people and focus more on you, everything changes a lot.

For all this reasons, give it a try and book your trip to Lisbon in the winter. You will not regret.









4 Reasons to Visit Lisbon in the Winter
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