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Driving in Portugal – Best Recommendations

Driving License Requirements for Portugal: To rent a car in Portugal, you should be no less than 18 years of (age might fluctuate via car classification) and have held your permit for 1 year.

Portugal has one of the most noteworthy rates of car crashes and fatalities in Europe. Street go in specific ranges is unsafe because of poor enlightenment on restricted, harsh streets, potholes, befuddling street signs, inadequately stamped street works, vehicles without working lights and moderate moving street repair or horticultural hardware.


Unreasonable paces, erratic driving propensities, and neglectful motorcyclists are extra risks. Fines for petty criminal offenses are significant and should more often than not be paid on the spot. Taxis are a solid method for transportation and transports are dependable and modest.

U.S. guests to Portugal might drive with a legitimate U.S. driver’s permit for up to six months. Following six months, you are required to trade your U.S. permit for a Portuguese driver’s permit at the Direcçao Geral de Viaçao / IMTT.

For particular data concerning Portuguese driver’s licenses, vehicle investigation and required protection contact the Portuguese National Tourist Office.

Both universal and nearby auto rental offices are spoken to in Portugal. Auto rentals are accessible from Portugal’s real worldwide airplane terminals and at all air terminals in the Azores, however accessibility can be constrained.

Visitors might drive a foreign made car for up to six months without paying import obligations. Past six months, charges are pertinent. For nitty gritty data on importing a car, contact the Portuguese Automobile Club ACP.

Radar speed traps are extremely regular, and fines (which should be paid on the spot) are overwhelming. On the off chance that approaching vehicles streak their headlights at you it frequently implies that there is a pace trap ahead. Notwithstanding, blazing headlights can likewise mean the driver is cautioning you that it is his privilege of way, the complete inverse of its acknowledged importance in the UK. Blazing lights can likewise mean they are going to overwhelm you.

Radar finders are illicit in Portugal, as in France and Spain, whether being used or not. In the event that you are gotten with such gear in your vehicle, you are obligated to a fine, appropriation of the gadget and the vehicle. You ought to accordingly guarantee radar identifiers are expelled from your vehicle before initiating any excursion to Portugal.

A few motorways in Portugal just have an electronic framework for the tolls yet not all. The toll machines can be enlisted or purchased in the administration stations as you pass the fringe, in exceptional “By means of Verde” shops or in post workplaces in Portugal. In the event that you wind up on the Via Verde without a toll machine you should pay inside 48 hours or face a fine on top of the toll charge.

To give you some thought of likely punishments neglecting to regard “Stop” signs can prompt a fine of up to €2,500 and driving underneath 50kph on Motorways can bring about being fined up to €300.00. On the spot fines are issued and at the circumspection of the officer the vehicle can be seized until installment is made.

Tanked driving is still somewhat regular in Portugal in spite of the late crackdowns and substantial fines. As far as possible is 0.49g/L. Being over this breaking point will bring about a fine of up to €1250 and your permit suspended for one to twelve months. On the off chance that you are tried and record somewhere around 0.8 and 1.2g/L, the fine might reach €2500 and you’ll be confronting a boycott between two months and two years. Driving with levels above 1.2g/L is a criminal offense rebuffed with up to one year in jail and a three year driving boycott!

Utilizing a cell telephone whilst driving is a genuine offense rebuffed with a €600 fine yet utilizing a without hands pack is permitted. Littering whilst driving will get you a €300 fine.

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Driving in Portugal – Best Recommendations
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