5 Best Lisbon HOSTELS Announced

Lisbon has been a famous city, not only for culture, gastronomy and sightseeing, but also for the amazing hostels, that feature on the most important world magazines, competing with top class hostels across the globe.

Also last year, a great article on Forbes magazine, said that in the past few years, Europe won more than 50% of all hostel awards, being Portugal the biggest awarded, gathering more prizes than any other country in the world. The ingredients are simple, they said: “… a combination of decadent old buildings, passionate staff, stunning natural surroundings, and an arty, bohemian vibe.”

We are proud to announce our list of the Best 5 Lisbon Hotels:

1) The Independente Hostel
Featured at The Guardian, UK magazine, as the number one best luxury hostel in Europe. Located in central Lisbon Downtown, in front of Sao Pedro Alcantara Viewpoint, it’s just next to the famous Bairro Alto area and Chiado famous quarter. The accomodation is extremely cheap and affordable, starting only at 12EUR per night.
Address: Rua Sao Pedro de Alcantara, 81, Lisbon, Portugal
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2) Stay Inn Hostel
Stay Inn Hostel has also been featured as Top 10 Luxury Hostels in Europe, by The Guardian. Located in the heart of Bairro Alto, the famous quarter of bars, specially focused on the young generations and where all locals hang out, before heading to the discos. They have a 9.5 review rate in 10, from hostelworld, and they cost only 14EUR per night.
Address: Rua Luz Soriano,no 19, 1o andar, Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
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3) Lisbon Lounge Hostel
Located in Rua de Sao Nicolau, straight in downtown Lisbon (Baixa), this hostel has prices starting at 14EUR per night, with 9.6 review rate superb at hostelworld, and considered in the past the best small hostel in the world.
Other relevant awards given to Lisbon Lounge Hostel:

  • 2014 9th Worldwide Small Hostel
  • 2012 1st Worldwide Small Hostel
  • 2011 2nd Worldwide
  • 2011 1st Worldwide Small Hostel
  • 2011 Cleanest hostel
  • 2010 7th Worldwide
  • 2009 Cleanest hostel

Address: Rua de Sao Nicolau, 41st, Lisbon, Portugal
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4) Home Lisbon Hostel
On the same area of the last one, this Home Lisbon Hostel has an impressive rating of 9.8 in 10, been considered last year the top number one hostel in the world, on medium size hostel category. Great staff, wonderful meals and awesome location.
Other relevant awards given to Home Lisbon Hostel:

  • 2016 1st Worldwide Medium Hostel
  • 2016 1st Best Hostel by Country Portugal
  • 2016 1st Most Popular Hostels Lisbon
  • 2015 1st Worldwide Medium Hostel
  • 2015 1st Best Hostels by Continent Europe
  • 2015 1st Best Hostel by Country Portugal
  • 2015 1st Most Popular Hostels Lisbon
  • 2014 1st Worldwide Medium Hostel
  • 2014 2nd Best Hostels by Continent Europe
  • 2014 1st Best Hostel by Country Portugal
  • 2014 1st Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 2014 1st Cleanest hostel
  • 2013 2nd Worldwide
  • 2013 1st Worldwide Medium Hostel
  • 2012 4th Worldwide Medium Hostel
  • 2012 1st Best Small Hostel Chain
  • 2011 8th Worldwide Large Hostel

Address: Rua de Sao Nicolau, 13, 2E, Lisbon, Portugal
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5) Travellers House
On fifth position we highlight the Travellers House, located in Rua Augusta, in Baixa quarter downtown Lisbon. It’s ranked 7th best hostel in the world, in small size category, being the perfect one for people who like some more privacy and less crowds. Over the years, have been ranked on top hostels in the world, so give it a try and won’t regret.
Other relevant awards given to Travellers House:

  • 2015 7th Worldwide Small Hostel
  • 2014 2nd Worldwide Medium Hostel
  • 2014 3rd Best Hostels by Continent Europe
  • 2013 3rd Worldwide
  • 2013 2nd Worldwide Medium Hostel
  • 2012 1st Worldwide Medium Hostel
  • 2012 1st Best Hostel by Country Portugal
  • 2012 1st Most Fun Hostel
  • 2012 1st Best Character
  • 2012 1st Best location
  • 2012 1st Best staff
  • 2011 1st Worldwide
  • 2011 1st Worldwide Large Hostel
  • 2011 1st Best Hostel by Country Portugal
  • 2011 Most Fun Hostel
  • 2011 Best Character
  • 2011 Most secure hostel
  • 2011 Best staff
  • 2010 1st Worldwide
  • 2010 1st Best Hostel by Country Portugal
  • 2010 Most secure hostel
  • 2009 1st Worldwide
  • 2009 1st Best Hostel by Country Portugal
  • 2009 Best Character
  • 2009 Best location
  • 2008 8th Worldwide
  • 2008 1st Best Hostel by Country Portugal
  • 2008 Best Character
  • 2008 Best location

Address: Rua Augusta, number 89, 1st floor, Lisbon, Portugal
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5 Best Lisbon HOSTELS Announced
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