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5 Places For Port Wine Tasting in Porto

Porto is known for the river, and for the famous Port Wines. They are considered the oldest wines in the world, from the Douro Valley Region.
Most people don’t know, but although we call Port Wines, the wine cellars are not in Porto, but in Gaia, the south bank of the river, just 5min away from Porto.

The vineyards are located in the Douro Valley, and then the wine is transported to Porto/Gaia, where the wine ages.

There are multiple places to sample port wine in Porto/Gaia. The most famous are the wine cellars, where the wine is stored in wood barrels, before being exported all over the world.
Check here my recommendation for the 5 Places For Port Wine Tasting in Porto/Gaia.

  1. Taylors
  2. Fonseca
  3. Sandeman
  4. Graham’s
  5. Kopke

We can tour all these wineries within these multi-day tours of Portugal.
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