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Travel From Lisbon to Douro Royal Valley Hotel & Spa

While Lisbon is the Capital of Portugal, and considered the most important city in the country, Douro is currently the most popular wine region in Portugal, and one of the most famous in the world. Douro Valley is considered the oldest wine region in the world, and where the famous Port Wine is produced.

There is no airport in the Douro, so travel from Lisbon is extremely popular for guests visiting Douro Valley.
The distance from Lisbon to Douro Royal Valley Hotel & Spa is about 370km (about 230mi), or 750km roundtrip.
The driving time is about 3h30, or 7h roundtrip.

There are some major highways connecting both places: starting from A1 in Lisbon, towards northern Portugal + A41 + A4 + and finally N211. Or alternatively, for additional 25m drive, choose A1 + IP23 + A24 + N321 + N222. There is also a third option, from Lisbon to A8 + A17 + A25 + A1 + A41 + A4 + and finally N211.

There are some nice places to stop in between, such as Fatima, Coimbra, Obidos, Nazare, Aveiro, etc

The best-recommended way to travel from Lisbon to Douro Royal Valley Hotel & Spa is using a private car transfer service.
This has a cost of 750EUR (Fixed price up to 5 guests), with reservation here: Link 1
Or, alternatively, you can check here for a direct transfer service with driver: Link 2

This service can start from any place in Lisbon Region, including Lisbon Airport or city hotel. Can also start from Cascais or Sintra as well.

The other option would be renting a car. A medium-size car with full insurance waiver CDW from Europcar or Hertz, should cost 150EUR to 200EUR for one day (300EUR to 400EUR for two days). If you leave the car in a different city, an additional fee should apply. Then you should also consider gas, tolls and parking (about 200EUR for gas, roundtrip, about 60EUR for tolls, roundtrip, and then parking depending on where you park and for how long, but eventually 15-20EUR per day). If you remove the full insurance, you might reduce 25EUR-30EUR per day, It also recommended the green lane (Via Verde) device, normally rented as well per day directly at the car rental company.

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