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Distance From Lisbon to Seville

While Lisbon is the Capital of Portugal, and considered the most important city in the country, Seville is one of the most popular places in Southern Spain.
Many customers traveling to Portugal, will eventually also visit Spain on the same trip, due to the distances involved not being far.

While Seville doesn’t have an airport, many customers decide to travel from Lisbon to Seville by car.

The distance from Lisbon to Seville is about 450km (280mi), and the driving time is about 4h30 (one way).
There are several major highways connecting both cities (A6 + A-5 + A-66), crossing the border of Portugal with Spain through Alentejo.
But there is also an alternative going through Algarve (A2 + A22 + A-49), for about 20min additional driving time.

The best-recommended way to travel from Lisbon to Seville is using a private car transfer service.

Or instead, driver app here.
The other option would be renting a car, but eventually not recommended due being different countries, and additional fees would apply .

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