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Article about Jewish Kosher Food in Lisbon, by Gonzalo from TheLisbonGuide. One of the most popular articles in Lisbon. Learn more about Kosher Food.

The Jewish community is small in Lisbon, and kosher food has been extremely difficult to get in the city, often impossible in the past. A while ago, visitors who eat only kosher food were required to bring back from home their own products to eat. Once existed a kosher restaurant (some directories online still shows this place), but it no longer exists.

Things are changing now. In 2018 a new specialized 100% Kosher Supermarket now exists in Lisbon, named PORTUEL, located a Rua Gomes Freire, 146A, in Lisbon. Website here:

First let me introduce what is Kosher Food, for those who are not familiar with this kind of food: Kosher food, mostly eaten some Jewish, are those that are within the rules of kashrut (Jewish diet law). The type of Food that must be consumed and prepared according to halakha (Jewish law) is named kosher, from the Ashkenazi spelling of the Hebrew term kashér . Food that is not prepared within the Jewish law is called treif , meaning “torn.”


But kosher food means more than responsible food cooking. Kosher refers to a set of ritual laws from the bible that resumes the kind of food that a Jewish can eat and the methods in which it may be arranged/cooked.
This can be even more complex for someone who never heard of Kosher. All stuff used in slaughtering, cleaning, preparing, cooking and packaging must be certified kosher. Blood on meat must be totally removed before cooking. As meat types, cow, goat and sheep are kosher; pork and rabbit are not. There are also many other kind of food that is not considered kosher, like most seafood (excluding kosher fish), wild animals and their similar. Against to popular wrong understanding, rabbis or other religious officials do not bless or consacrated the food to make it kosher. That’s a common mistake. It’s the origin of food, way of preparing, materials used, and cooking method that makes a food kosher or not.


1) New Kosher Supermarket in Lisbon – PORTUEL – Opened in 2018
New store opened in Lisbon 2018, totally 100% Kosher products:

2) Magali Rebibo / Private Chef & Caterer (Kosher)
Magali offers kosher catering services tailored for tourists visiting Lisbon. As a culinary service provider, she offers a range of packages designed to suit various types of stays, whether it’s a quick weekend getaway, a short break, or an extended vacation in Lisbon. Her offerings are carefully crafted to provide a memorable culinary experience while strictly adhering to kosher laws.

Take Away / Delivery on Request only
Cascais / Portugal
Tel: (+351) 964-981-170


KOSHER WINES in Portugal

Kosher wines exist for over 1400 years, since 636 AD in Israel. The wine is kosher not because of it’s quality or taste (probably will taste the same as others, or very similar – I have tried several kosher wines in the past). What makes a Kosher Wine is the rabbinical production techniques according to the strict Jewish laws. A kosher wine must not contain any chemical or animal addictions, lactose, glycerin, corn products or non-wine products. The equipment used on the wine productions must be 100% exclusively for the production of kosher products and not making another kind of wines. Again, it’s not “blessed” by the rabbi. That doesn’t make a wine kosher. Said that, kosher wines are extremely rare in Portugal, although our production of wine nation wide is huge.

1) Abarbanel Heritage – The first kosher wine to be produced in Portugal, named “Terras de Belmonte”, with the help of the famous Abarbanel wines
a) Link 1:
b) Link 2:

2) Porto Codovero – The famous port wine is available to buy online, also as kosher wine

3) Adega da Covilhã, from Belmonte Region, has a wonderful Sepharad Wine Kosher Reserve 2005

4) Felix Rocha Kosher Red Wine

5) Oscar Quevedo, from Douro Valley Region, has a great 2014 Kosher Edition

For more information updated you can always reach the Lisbon Synagogue Rabbi Natan Peres below:
His Email is: [email protected]
Office phone is: 00 351 213 931 130

Shalom !







Article about Jewish Kosher Food in Lisbon, by Gonzalo from TheLisbonGuide. One of the most popular articles in Lisbon. Learn more about Kosher Food.

Kosher Food in Lisbon
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