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Jewish Tours in Porto


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On August 26, 2019
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Porto is together with Lisbon, the most popular destination in Portugal.
It’s considered the second largest city in the Portugal, with 1500 years of history.

Porto has its origins in a Roman settlement named Portus Cale, that led later to the name of the country, Portugal.
Evidence shows that the city was founded back in 417. Over 1500 years, it had various rulers, among others the Suevi, the Goths and the Moors. Later, and during almost 800 years, it was one of the most important cities during the Portuguese Monarchy (1143-1910).
Today is a fascinating city, with lot of history to learn, and of course never forgetting the famous Port Wine Production (Oldest Wine Region in the world – Douro).

For Jewish Private Tours in Porto, you have two options to consider:

1) If you are already in Porto and looking only for one half-day or one full-day tour, please contact Sara from PortoAlities:
Sara is an exceptional guide, and provides outstanding guided tours in Porto.
Please mention the Lisbon Guide on your contact with Sara.

2) If you are coming from Lisbon to Porto, you can use the private transportation provided by Pedro, and include also a half-day tour of Porto, or a full-day next morning:
Pedro is an outstanding guide, specializsed in Jewish History, and can cover the whole country on Jewish History (Lisbon, Evora, Castelo de Vide Belmonte, Castelo Branco, Trancoso, Douro, Porto, etc).
Please mention the Lisbon Guide on your contact with Pedro.

3) You can take a private transfer service from Lisbon to Porto, and then in Porto hire a local guide (Sara for example, using the contacts above).
Private Transfer Service Booking Link:

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Jewish Tours in Porto
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