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Tipping in Lisbon Portugal – How Much Should I Tip ?

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On July 15, 2019
Last modified:November 6, 2019


Tipping in Lisbon Portugal - How Much Should I Tip ?

I have written a lot in the past about this Tipping in Portugal.
Over the years, I have seen different perspectives about this matter, from different points of view.
They are all correct, depending on the point of view.

The only thing everyone agrees is the following: Tipping in Portugal is not mandatory.

That said, we should learn about other aspects:

Salaries in Portugal are low.
The minimum salary is 600EUR per month, but there are many people, working on tourism, restaurants, shops, and living monthly with 400EUR-500EUR (500USD-600USD per month).
Therefore, tipping is highly appreciated, but not required/compulsory.

Tipping in Portugal is usual in some places.
Let’s see about tipping rules & customs one by one:

  1. Taxis: It’s usual to roundup. Example: a 7.80EUR ride can be roundup to 10EUR. If service was exceptional, or long, can be even more (5EUR, 10EUR, 20EUR, or more)
  2. Hotels: Staff can be rewarded with whatever you feel fair. Can be 2EUR to 5EUR, 10EUR or more, depending on the work provided.
  3. Restaurants: the typical 10% is often seen, or even more, 15% or 20%, but most locals roundup the bill only. A 43.50EUR bill, can be roundup to 50EUR. 87EUR can be rounded to 100EUR.
  4. Tours & Tour Guides: Can be rewarded whatever you feel trustworthy, depending on the job provided. Can be 10EUR, 20EUR or more. Often 10%-15% of price paid is common.
  5. Coffee Shops: Usually on coffee shops most will roundup the bill. Coffee in Portugal cost 60cents to 75cents, you can roundup to 1EUR.
  6. Uber Drivers: Through Uber APP you can add a tip. You can  add whaever is fair, usually 2EUR is normal if job was good.


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Tipping in Lisbon Portugal - How Much Should I Tip ?


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Tipping in Lisbon Portugal – How Much Should I Tip ?
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