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Where to Eat Seafood in Lisbon ?


Portugal is famous for its seafood. Everywhere, seafood is part of our gastronomy.
We have the 5th largest exclusive economic zone (EEZ) within Europe, 3rd largest in the EU, and the 20th largest EEZ in the world, at 1,727,408 km2 (426 million acres).
This is the exclusive area for fishing resources, allocated to Portugal.

We have plenty of seafood: Things like seabream, seabass, octopus, squid, lobster, shrimp, crabs, and of course the famous sardines, are all caught fresh here in our ocean.
We also eat a lot of codfish, but that comes from the freezing waters of Norway and Iceland.

With plenty of restaurants to choose from, here is an updated list of my favourite, 10 seafood restaurants in Lisbon:

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