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Douro Valley From Lisbon – Tours and Transfers

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On June 18, 2017
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This is the best option for transfer services from Lisbon to Douro Valley with luxury transportation and private driver, including sightseeing/tour services along the day, with all transfers included.

Douro Valley is considered the Oldest Wine Region in the World, and today one of the most popular places to be visited in Europe. Located in northern Portugal, many people are still now discovering and learning about this fascinating place, where the famous Port Wine is produced and sold all over the world.

Douro is the name of the River, starting in Spain and crossing the whole country of Portugal. The Latinized name Durius, likely originated from the Celtic tribes that occupied the territory before Roman circumstances: the Celtic root is dubro. In Roman circumstances, the river was embodied as a divine being, Durius.

The Douro vineyards (winegrowing), a territory of the Douro Valley in Portugal since quite a while ago dedicated to vineyards, has been assigned by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Customarily, the wine was brought down river in level base water crafts called rabelos, to be put away in barrels in basements in Vila Nova de Gaia, directly over the river from Porto. In the 1960s, dams were built along the river, which finished this river movement from the upper areas in Spain and along the outskirt. Presently Port wine is transported in tanker trucks.

In 1998, Portugal and Spain marked the Albufeira Convention, a concurrence on the sharing of trans-limit rivers to incorporate the Douro, Tagus and Guadiana. The tradition superseded a unique concession to the Douro, marked in 1927, that was extended in 1964 and 1968 to incorporate tributaries.

These spans of the Douro have a very specific microclimate taking into account development of olives, almonds, and particularly grapes, which are imperative for making the popular Port wine. The area around Pinhão, Regua and São João da Pesqueira is thought to be the main point of Port wine, with its “Quintas” (or homesteads/bequests) that reach out along the practically vertical slants of the lofty river valleys. In the 21st century, a considerable lot of these “Quintas” are claimed by multinational wine organizations.

Close to Douro Valley, you have also the city of Foz Côa, which is near Côa Valley Paleolithic Art site. This is viewed as vital to the archeological pre-memorable patrimony, and it has been assigned as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Fifteen dams have been based on the Douro to direct the water stream, create hydroelectric power, and permit route through locks.

To reach Douro from Lisbon, the best and most comfortable way is to use a private transfer service, including optional touring around Douro Valley and Sightseeing. You can see more information here:

1) Private Luxury Transfer Service from Lisbon to Douro Valley with 2h sightseeing included
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2) Private Transfer Services – Portugal Concierge
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3) 5 Days Wine Trip from Lisbon to Porto and Douro Valley, including all transportation and transfers.
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This is the best option for transfer services from Lisbon to Douro Valley with luxury transportation and private driver, including sightseeing/tour services along the day, with all transfers included.


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Douro Valley From Lisbon – Tours and Transfers
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