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Article about the Jewish Memorial of Lisbon, remembering those who lost their lives on the massacre of 1506

The Lisbon Jewish Memorial stands on the corner of Rossio Square with Sao Domingos Church, in central downtown, inaugurated in 2008 in memory of the Jewish Massacre of 1506 that happenned here in this square. It is estimated that between 2,000 and 4,000 Jews who had been forced to convert were killed here on this event 500 years ago.



The dedication content peruses (in Portuguese): “Em memoria dos milhares de judeus vitimas da intolerancia e do fanatismo religioso assassinados no slaughter iniciado a 19 de abril de 1506 neste largo.” English interpretation: In memory of the a great many Jews who were the casualties of prejudice and religious enthusiasm and killed in the slaughter started on April 19, 1506, in this square.

1506 slaughter at Lisbon

After the ejection of Jews and Muslims in 1492 from Spain and Portugal, conversos kept on being associate in times with social strain. In 1506, a months-long torment created individuals to search for substitutes for the mishap. Some got to be suspicious that conversos must be honing Judaism and hence be at flaw. On April 17, 1506, few conversos were found who previously possessed “a few sheep and poultry readied by custom; additionally unleavened bread and severe herbs as indicated by the regulations for the Passover, which celebration they celebrated far into the night.” Officials grabbed a few, however discharged them after a couple of days.

The masses, which had anticipated that would see them rebuffed, swore retribution. On that day on which the conversos were liberated, the Dominicans showed in a side-church of their congregation, where a few New Christians were available, a cross and a reliquary in glass from which a particular light issued. A New Christian who attempted to clarify the wonder as because of characteristic reasons, was dragged from the congregation and murdered by an enraged lady. A Dominican awakened the masses still more. Monk João Mocho and the Aragonese minister Bernardo, cross under control, were said to experience the roads of the city, crying “Sin!” and calling upon the individuals to obliterate the conversos. Pulled in by the clamor, mariners from Holland, Zeeland and others from boats in the port of Lisbon, joined the Dominicans and structured a swarm with neighborhood men to seek after the conversos.

The horde dragged guiltless exploited people from their homes and executed some. Old Christians who were in any capacity connected with New Christians were additionally assaulted. The swarm assaulted the assessment agriculturist João Rodrigo Mascarenhas, a New Christian; in spite of the fact that a rich and recognized man, his work likewise made him disliked by numerous. They wrecked his home. Inside 48 hours, numerous conversos were killed; by the third day all who could had gotten away, regularly with the assistance of other Portuguese. The murdering spree kept going from 19 to 21 April, in what came to be known as the Easter Massacre.

Ruler Manuel seriously rebuffed the individuals who joined in the killings. The instigators were executed. The Dominicans who supported the uproar were additionally executed. Neighborhood individuals indicted murder or plunder endured whipping, and their property was usurped. The ruler allowed religious flexibility for a long time to all conversos with sights set on pay. Lisbon lost Foral benefits. The nonnatives who had tuned in by and large got away discipline, leaving with their boats.

In 2006, the Jewish group of Portugal held a function in Lisbon to celebrate this occasion.







Article about the Jewish Memorial of Lisbon, remembering those who lost their lives on the massacre of 1506

Lisbon Jewish Memorial
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