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10 Things to do in Alfama


Alfama is considered the old historical quarter of Lisbon.
More than 2000 years of history is behind this area of the city.
From the Romans, to the Moorish, and later with the independence of Portugal in 1143.

There’s a lot to do in Alfama. You can easily spend a day strolling in the narrow streets of Alfama, getting lost, visiting the historical buildings and famous viewpoints. Below, I have gathered a list of the 10 things to do in Alfama, in 2022:

  • Visit the Lisbon Cathedral
  • Explore the Jewish Quarter
  • Listen to Fado Music / Visit Fado Museum
  • Visit the Roman Amphitheatre / Museum
  • Explore the viewpoints of Portas do Sol and Senhora do Monte
  • Visit Saint Anthony’s Church/House
  • Visit the hilltop Castle of Sao Jorge
  • Jump inside the Tram 28 for 1 or 2 stops
  • Have a cup of tea, at Chafariz Del Rei terrace
  • Visit the Local Market “Feira da Ladra”, just closer to Alfama

There’s much more to do in Alfama. I just listed 10 items. This is enough for a very nice day spent in Lisbon.






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