Nightlife: Top 5 Best Lisbon Dance Clubs

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Urban Beach

(Cais da Viscondessa, Rua da Cintura, Santos) – An extremely in vogue spot, ideal for a warm summer night. The bar opens at 6 pm, then turns into an eating destination on account of its two eateries (one for sushi, the other for steaks and flame broiled meats). At around midnight it transforms into a club, which doesn’t close until 6 am. It’s arranged beside the Kais eatery, possessed by the same gathering, and is the ideal late-evening destination for a mixed drink amid the hotter months. The sand and its area close to the riverfront makes this as near the shoreline as you can get in the focal point of the city. Additionally, pay special mind to Erasmus Life Lisboa uncommon gatherings with national and global DJs.


(Avenida 24 de Julho, 68) – Called “Kapital” for two decades, it had a rebranding in late 2012. Its rejuvenation has been greatly all around acknowledged by Lisbon night goers, who transformed this club into the “it” area after beverages in Bairro. Its weekend gatherings draw in 20s and 30-somethings to the three stories, incorporating the stunning overhang with a towering perspective through to Tagus waterway and its south shore. Pay special mind to Erasmus Life Lisboa parties in the greatest evenings of the week.


(Rua da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa) – One of the few that still holds its ground in the always touristic “Docas” nightlife, it is for the most part known by its Tuesday “Ladies Night” running for years now.


(Avenida Infante Dom Henrique) – regardless it is an outstanding spot on the guide of Lisbon clubbing. Roomy inside with high roofs left in its unique engineering style regarding present day and jazzy space courses of action make this club a standout amongst the most select in Lisbon. Clothing regulation is easygoing chick, and in case you’re not at the entryway early, it may be extremely hard to get in.

Lust and Ministerium

(Commerce Square – Praça Comercio) – Next entryway clubs in the east wing of Praça do Comercio. Just open on weekends, their area in the downtown area, signified their fairly comfortable and chic air make for a touch of determination at the entryway.


(Avenida 24 de Julho, 66) – Located in Santos, right alongside Main, it is known by is african music vibe and a popular spot in Lisbon.








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