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Free Lisbon Walking Tours

It’s has been year after year more common to see free walking tours on every major city in Europe. Lisbon is not an exception. For most people is not the best way of seeing the city, but for someone within a budget, this could be a good option.

Usually they gather groups between 20-30 people, and for duration between 2h and 3h they show some of the highlights of the city. It may happen to get a good guide, or it may be too boring, but the good thing is that you can leave the group anytime you wish, if you are not enjoying.

How are guides paid? They are paid with tips. If they gather a group of 25 adults, and each gives 5EUR, the guide  just made his day with 125EUR cash tax free on his pocket.

I’m not a big fan of these tours, but assume they are popular for young tourists who travel on budget.

Here’s a list of top 3 tour companies providing free walking tours in Lisbon:

1) Lisbon Chill-Out Free Lisbon Walking Tour:
It’s currently the top ranked tour company on free tours around Lisbon, with 1700+ reviews on Tripadvisor

2) Pancho Free Lisbon Walking Tours Tours:
Pancho Tours exists in several European Cities, and also in Lisbon. Follow the orange shirt is their moto.

3) Sandeman’s Free Lisbon Walking
The popular Sandeman’s free walking tours are also available in Lisbon.


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Free Lisbon Walking Tours
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