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Travel Insurance: Protect Your Trip

To protect your trip from unexpected troubles, some people have their credit card insurance, that guarantees any loss in case of trip cancellation, ilness, etc, when trip is paid using a major credit card.

But often, people may not be paying their trip with any credit card, or for any reason the credit card doesn’t have this coverage/insurance.
worldnomads-insurance-tripFound recently, and subscribed this service with worldnomads and was very satisfied with their service. They are featured on Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Intrepid Traveler and others, and offer trip insurance as low as 46EUR for a couple traveling to Lisbon for one week.

It’s a great service, it can be done online with instant confirmation and payment. You don’t need to send any documents, call headquarters, fill forms, everything is smooth and easy. For example the most complete one (Explorer), for one week in Lisbon, a couple would pay 51EUR. That includes pre-trip cancellation up to 7.500EUR, overseas medical expenses unlimited, stolen luggage 2.500EUR, Daily emergency cash allowance in hospital 2.000EUR, and much more. It’s impressive.



Other example adding stolen objects to your insurance can be done easily online. As example, adding an Iphone costing 650EUR has an insurance fee of 13EUR for one week. Pretty good hein?




After using worldnomads, I never travel without subscribing an insurance with them. I cannot tell about the service when something happens (never happened once to me), but had to call once to their support line and it’s pretty good. Really not sure how claims are processed. Also did plenty of research before subscribing for first time and reviews were good in most of cases. Give them a try. Don’t take risks. Worldnomads –


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Travel Insurance: Protect Your Trip
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