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10 Best Restaurants in Lisbon (Must Visit)


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On February 24, 2020
Last modified:January 20, 2024


10 Best Restaurants in Lisbon (Must Visit)

The Portuguese Gastronomy is very wide, expressive, multi-cultural, a land of flavors and mix of people, that over the centuries made our very own DNA, unique in the world.

I usually say that it is through the food, that you can better understand  the culture of a people and learn more about their customs, traditions and history.
And Portugal, is not an exception. If you don’t like gastronomy and food, I might suggest consider somewhere else to visit. To visit Portugal, is to experience some of the best gastronomy in the world. With our extensive coastal area, third biggest in Europe, and 11th biggest in the world, with 1.7 million square kilometers, Portugal is naturally a place of the best seafood and shellfish you will ever taste. But not only. We are proud to have some other specialized products such as the best wines in the world (Douro Valley, Alentejo, Red and Whites, but also the famous green wine). We are proud to produce the best ham the world, Pata Negra (Black Pork, unique in Portugal and Spain). And much more ! The best pastries (Nata/Belem custard tarts), the best sausages and best deserts. Our fruits and vegetables market for export, represent 1.5 billion Euro every year!


But, let’s talk about the 10 Best Restaurants in Lisbon:
(list updated in January 2023)

  1. Darwin Cafe Lisbon (Portuguese food, quiet atmosphere, riverfront)
  2. Ramiro (excellent Seafood, busy, popular, top rated)
  3. MonteMar (Seafood, quiet, riverfront)
  4. Sr Vinho or Clube de Fado (For Fado Live Show + Dinner)
  5. Belcanto or Alma, if you enjoy Michelin Restaurants, these are the two best
  6. Segundo Muelle (Not Portuguese, It’s a Peruvian Restaurant, but food is delicious, and atmosphere great)
  7. Bairro do Avillez (a small foodcourt, in Chiado, from awarded michelin chef Avillez – if you are unable to book Belcanto, try this one)
  8. Boa Bao (flavours from Asia, in Chiado, a great choice for asian lovers)
  9. NcQUOI / NcQUOI ASIA (two amazing restaurants at Av Liberdade, cool & trendy atmosphere)
  10. Seen @ Rooftop Hotel Tivoli Av Liberdade (by Chef Olivier)








10 Best Restaurants in Lisbon (Must Visit)

10 Best Restaurants in Lisbon (Must Visit)
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