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3 Luxury Hotels in Sintra

Luxury Hotels Sintra Lisbon


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On March 29, 2022
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3 Luxury Hotels in Sintra

Sintra is one of the most romantic places in Europe. Unesco World Heritage since 1995.
Located close to Lisbon, the fairytale region of Castles and Palaces, Kings and Queens, inspired Lord Byron, Richard Strauss, Hans Christian Andersen, and many others.

While most guests prefer to stay based in Lisbon, and take a day trip to Sintra, others prefer to stay for 1 or 2 nights in Sintra.
Sintra is a small village, with only few hotels in the area.
I have selected below the 3 best hotels in Sintra, based on my preferences.
I have been several times to each one, and I can strongly recommend any.

1) Penha Longa Resort: Link
2) Tivoli Palacio Seteais: Link
3) Lawrence’s Hotel: Link

There is no specific order. Will depend on your personal preferences, and budget.
Any question, just reach me below.

3 Luxury Hotels in Sintra

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