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5 Best Hotels in The Algarve

With the summer approaching soon, Algarve is one of the most demanded places to stay in Portugal.
Within 3h driving time from Lisbon, Algarve has some of the best beaches in Portugal.
With warm water, and small waves, similar to the Mediterranean South of Spain or Italian Islands, Algarve has about 200km of beaches (125mi).

Plenty of good restaurants and hotels, to spend time in family or with your partner or friends.
Here is below my list of 5 Best Hotels in The Algarve:

1) Pine Cliffs Algarve
2) Martinhal Sagres (for families)
3) Vila Vita Parc
4) Epic Sana Algarve
5) Vila Lara Talassa Resort

I have been in all of them.
Let me know your thoughts. Will be delighted to help you.








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