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5 Tips & Tricks to Visit Sintra


Sintra is one of the most popular destinations around Lisbon.
Sintra became the center of the romantic architecture in Europe, in the 17th and 18th hundreds.
In 1995, UNESCO classified Sintra as World Heritage Site. It was the first time a region was classified ALL as one, due to it’s magnificent palaces and castles.

I was born in Sintra, and I’m very familiar with all changes happening recently.


Here are 5 Tips & Tricks to Visit Sintra:

  1.  Avoid bringing your car, hire a private guide with authorized transportation, here or here
    (rental vehicles are not allowed to reach certain areas of Sintra.)
  2. Make sure to arrive early. Leaving Lisbon around 8h30AM and getting to Pena Palace by 9h15AM, will ensure a smooth start and beat the late morning crowds. (Sintra gets busy during the day, so plan in advance to visit Pena Palace early in the morning)
  3. Don’t think you can see everything in one day. Explore only the best highlights. Article with highlights here
    (Sintra has a lot to see. There are many articles stating you can see everything in one day, and that’s impossible unless rushing)
  4. Have lunch out of the center. The historical village gets busy during lunchtime.
    (Head to the coast of Sintra, for a relaxed lunch, away from the crowds)
  5. Combine Sintra with Cascais. While Sintra gets busy during the day, escape to Cascais in the afternoon for a good balance during the day.
    (The fisherman village of Cascais is perfect for the end of the day)

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