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Best Way to Get to Algarve from Lisbon (5 Recommendations)


Algarve is considered one of the most amazing places in southern Europe, a vacation and beach destination.
It is also the most popular beach area of Portugal. Good weather, warm ocean waters, and the most amazing food.
It is located in the South of Portugal, close to Spain, and to the Mediterranean.

Usually, I would recommend spending some days in Algarve, to make sure you optimize your time there. Never less than 2/3 days.

Normally most international flights land in Lisbon, and from here the journey begins to the Algarve area.
Here are the 5 best ways to reach Algarve, from Lisbon:

1) Get a Private Transfer Service, starting at 750EUR per vehicle (up to 5 guests)

2) Get a Uber from Lisbon, normally starting at 420EUR up to 520EUR, but can be more expensive, depending on peak times (recommended UBERXL because of the luggage)

3) Get a train. You may need to get a transfer to the Lisbon train station first. Please also note that usually hotels in the Algarve can be spread out across the whole region, and not acessible by train. You may require a taxi or transfer once arrived at the train station.
Prices are around 40EUR Per person for the train tickets

4) Rent your own car, and drive. For some people can be a challenge, specially driving in the city, and parking. Make sure to pay for CDWW to avoid any problems with accidents, crashes, etc. Prices may vary, but normally at Europcar, prices start at 200EUR per day for a reasonable car (sedan), plus insurance, tolls, and gas.

5) By Bus. For those who like travel by public bus, there are several options per day. One is rede expressos. Price may vary depending on the chosen stations, day of the week, company, etc.

6) Driver + Vehicle, with online booking here:

Hope you can find this article useful.
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