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Jewish Lisbon Walking Tours


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On October 27, 2019
Last modified:October 16, 2023


Jewish Lisbon Walking Tours

Lisbon is one of the most impressive cities, with hundreds of years of history to learn and discover.
Hiring a private guide is the best you can do, if visiting Lisbon.
There are hidden secrets, and places to see and discovery, by a lens of a local guide.

The Jewish population of Lisbon is older than the country itself. Portugal was founded back in 1143, but there’s evidence of Jewish Population in the country back from long time ago.
It was back on the year 70 A.D., after the destruction of Jerusalem, that Jewish diaspora sent part of the population to the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal and Spain. Later, during the Spanish Inquisition, thousands of Jewish escaped from Spain and traveled to Portugal. Later, during World War II, thousands of Jewish escapted from Germany and from the war, to Portugal, at least 10.000 through the hands of Aristides Sousa Mendes, the Portuguese Consul.

The History of Lisbon, shows this and much more. There’s a lot to explore and learn.

Some other places like Belem area, Lisbon Synagogue, etc, will require transportation, and cannot be reached walking.
The Synagogue of Lisbon doesn’t allow visits without an appointment, and with passport screening prior to your visit.

If you wish to book a half-day (3h) walking tour in Lisbon , without transportation, please CLICK HERE (475EUR – Fixed price up to 6 guests)
If you wish to book a full-day tour to Lisbon , with transportation included, please CLICK HERE INSTEAD (225EUR Per Person)



Jewish Lisbon Walking Tours

Jewish Lisbon Walking Tours
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