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Transfer from Lisbon to Fatima - Article about transportation services to Fatima

There are more than 9 million people visiting Fatima every year, arriving from all over the world. It’s one of the most important shrines in the world, visited by all kinds of pilgrims that arrive in Lisbon.
Fatima is located 1h30m from Lisbon and usually, public transportation is not the most convenient way of reaching the sanctuary of Fatima. There is no train to Fatima and other alternatives are too inconvenient and often uncomfortable.

The best recommendation from Lisbon to Fatima, is for sure a private tour service, with transportation and private guide.

Often difficult to find reliable transfers and transportation services from Lisbon to Cascais or Estoril, you can find below contact information for your convenience, for private transfers with a modern fleet and luxury Mercedes-Benz transportation, either starting from the Lisbon Airport, or any other address in Lisbon.

1) Private RoundTrip Transfer From Lisbon to Fatima with 3.5h Sightseeing Tour Visit
Web Address for online booking:


The transfers above usually include 2/3h sightseeing, either on the way or at the destination. If you are looking instead for a regular private transfer service without any visits or sightseeing, please check the following option (all country):

2) Private Transfer Services – Concierge Portugal
Web Address for online booking:









Transfer from Lisbon to Fatima - Article about transportation services to Fatima

Private Car Transfer from Lisbon to Fatima
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