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5 Best Hotels in Lisbon


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On November 8, 2018
Last modified:November 8, 2018


5 Best Hotels in Lisbon - Choose the best from a list of hundreds of options.

Sometimes it might be difficult to find the best hotels in Lisbon. Often happens that not knowing the city, you may end up at the wrong location, at a terrible place, or not close to the center of Lisbon. I have selected below the five best hotels in Lisbon, updated in November 2018, so you can choose the best option for you. I know extensively most of the hotels in the city, and often stay as invited guests, at recently opened hotels, in order to check their quality and level of service, and be able to pass this information to our readers of The Lisbon Guide.

5 Best Hotels in Lisbon (UPDATED LIST NOVEMBER 2018)

1) Valverde Hotel Lisboa:
2) Pousada de Lisboa:
3) Avenida Palace Hotel:
4) Hilton Doubletree Hotel:
5) Portobay Liberdade Hotel:

I also decided to suggest an additional hotel, on top of the list of 5 above, since it could not be out of this list: Pestana Palace Hotel: Alhough not located in the city center, it’s probably one of the most luxury and glamourous, set inside an old palace of Lisbon.

Questions? Send me a quick message below. Will be glad to help.

5 Best Hotels in Lisbon - Choose the best from a list of hundreds of options.


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