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Tram 28: The Most Famous Way of Visiting Lisbon

To truly encounter Lisbon in a novel and sentimental design, bounce installed the number 28 tram. These splendid yellow streetcars shake, shake and roll their way over the city’s most pleasant neighborhoods to take after a wandering track past landmarks, exhibition halls and miradouros (perspectives). The cable car associate Martim Moniz in the Baixa (downtown) region with Campo Ourique, a zone west of the downtown area. Along the way, the carriage trundles by under the shadow of points of interest like São Vicente de Fora in Alfama and the Sé (house of prayer). Further on it winds around Praça Luís de Camões in Chiado, one of the capital’s prettiest squares, before murmuring and squeaking towards verdant Estrela, known for its congregation and finished greenhouses. Also, the best thing about the adventure is that once you’ve come to the end of the line, you can do likewise outing backward.

A helpful and completely novel method for taking in the Lisbon sights is jump on board the number 28 tram (electrico). Recognized by its splendid yellow paintwork, this idiosyncratic streetcar takes after the forms of Lisbon’s sloping geography, an occasionally steep and winding course that snakes crosswise over town like a nomad strand of spaghetti. The cable car passes notorious points of interest, for example, the house of prayer and the noteworthy Basilica da Estrela. The excursion additionally manages a relaxed trundle through neighborhoods like notable Alfama, the clamoring Baixa (downtown) and exquisite Chiado. It’s a phenomenal approach to find the capital and go like a nearby and the experience is extraordinary fun.

No visit to Lisbon is finished without riding the number 28 tram. The city’s cable car (eléctrico) system has reduced throughout the years however the few lines that stay operational incorporate the particular case that connections Martim Moniz in the Baixa (downtown) with Camp Ourique, a locale west of focus. Along the way the course takes in a percentage of the capital’s most alluring neighborhoods and most fantastic points of interest. Cable car 28 is an open administration, not an official touring visit and that implies the streetcar can get swarmed. In any case, it’s less extravagant and much more bona fide. The sunflower-yellow carriage trundles its way more than four of Lisbon’s seven slopes and toils past a veritable manual of great landmarks including São Vicente de Fora in Alfama and the Sé (church building). At Praça Luís de Camões travelers can land in the heart of the rich Chiado quarter or remain locally available until Jardim da Estrela, maybe the city’s prettiest open garden and eclipsed by the amazing vault of the Basílica da Estrela. The voyage closes in the minimal investigated Prazares area.

Even on the off chance that it’s cloudy and sprinkling, a ride on Lisbon’s number 28 tram is an “unquestionable requirement do” outside experience. These novel wasp-hued streetcars keep running as general open transport choices and take after a circle forward and backward over the lower end of town. Along the way they trundle through a percentage of the Portuguese capital’s most pleasant neighborhoods. Cable cars leave from Martim Moniz square in the Baixa (downtown) region and soon begin to climb towards verdant Graca. The tracks then plunge into Alfama for a standout amongst the most beautiful legs of the voyage. The course wanders aimlessly however this old quarter and after that takes travelers crosswise over downtown and afterward up into the rich avenues of Chiado. Subsequent to arranging some genuinely soak slopes, number 28 murmurs and drudgeries towards Estrela. At this point you’re west of the downtown area, and heading for Campo Ourique, the cable car’s end. Nip out for espresso and cake, and afterward do the whole excursion inverse.

List of tram stops along the Lisbon Tram 28 Route


Martim Moniz
Palma (Metro)
Igreja Anjos
Maria Andrade
Maria Fonte
Angelina Vidal
R. Graça
Graça – Graca Church/ Miradoura Da Graca (Viewpoint)
Voz Operário
Cç. S. Vicente
Escolas Gerais
Portas Sol (Alfama District)
Miradouro Sta. Luzia

Sé – Santo António Church/ Castelo de São Jorge
Academia Nacional Belas Artes
Vitor Cordon / R. Serpa Pinto
Chiado (Metro)
Pç. Luis Camões (Metro)
Calhariz (Bica)
Cç. Combro
Poiais S. Bento
S. Bento / Cç. Estrela
Cç. Estrela / R. Borges Carneiro
Cç. Estrela / R. Dr. Teófilo Braga
Estrela (Basílica)
Estrela – R. Domingos Sequeira
Domingos Sequeira
Saraiva Carvalho
Igreja Sto. Condestável
Campo Ourique (Prazeres)

Please find below the map showing the route of the 28 Tram in Lisbon, that you can download of print for your convenience:





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